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My name is Bridgit Amstrup and I am the owner of Super Nova Shilohs.  My partner and I, Ben, fell in love with the Shiloh after the loss of my heart-dog, Malik.  Malik was an American Bulldog and the goodest of the good dogs! However, he was wrecked with health issues. At 7 months hold he had severe hip dysplasia, he blew out both ACLs, and then sadly we lost him just after his 5th birthday to intestinal cancer. It was tragic and we were heart-broken. His loss and watching him go through life painfully was something I vowed to do anything I could to prevent from happening again.  He was a back-yard-breeder pup.  We had fallen in love with him immediately, and he was a great dog and we gave him a great life; but I wanted better for the dogs in my future. I spent months researching breeds, ethical breeding practices, genetics, and general animal husbandry.  This lead me to endorse the great group of breeders I have found who are now part of the ISSA.  The Shiloh and the Shiloh People are my people.  They hold the same values as we do in our family: prioritizing health, temperament, and structure - in that order.  Nothing less than top-shelf health and breeding standards are accepted. We go the distance for our dogs and setting up our puppy people for success!


We at Super Nova Shilohs believe that dogs are family, dogs are friends, and dogs are a blessing we are lucky and honored to have.  We believe in active dog-lives. We believe in getting our dogs outside the same four walls of the house and explore the world with us!  Whether that means dog sports: Agility, Lure-coursing, Barn-hunt, Flyball, Dock-diving, or visiting a Renaissance Festival, an outdoor Car Show, or an outdoor Patio for brunch, we work to enrich their lives alongside ours.

Click on the photos to the right to see what Super Nova Shilohs has been up to!

The Shiloh Shepherd Dog

The Shiloh Shepherd was created by Tina Barber after realizing the the German Shepherd, a breed she very much loved, was falling away from the type of dog she knew and loved growing up: big, smart, healthy, and bold.  She set out to create a healthier and sturdier shepherd dog with solid nerve and sharp intelligence.  Through years of work she created the Shiloh Shepherd.  Shiloh Shepherds are big beautiful dogs that are wonderful family-friendly companions yet still capable to do almost anything you ask of them.  They are highly intelligent, bond very closely with their family, and still retain their protective instincts.  They make fantastic family members!


International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance

The International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance (ISSA) is a large group of breeders united under the core concepts of education, research, and the promotion of our unique breed, the Shiloh Shepherd. We believe that education is all-important. Not only for you, who might consider adding a Shiloh to your home, but for our breeders, who enjoy a training program and mentoring from the senior members of our community.


The ISSA believes in pursuing research into health and behavior, and in utilizing the latest breakthroughs in genetic science to bring you the healthiest dogs possible. To support our vision, we mandate a wide panel of health testing on all breeding animals in our organization. Our minimum standard is very high. We promote tight breed regulation. We believe in breeders working together, to make cohesive decisions for the good of the breed.  There is much to learn about our organization and I invite you to read more about us here:

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