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Willow Rock's Haunted Timbers

THROW! BUT DO NOT TAKE! Is the number one thing on Kobuk's mind at all times. This dog looooooves his frisbee. According to him, the sun rises and sets on it.  You can also find Kobuk snooting around for pets. He identifies his Spirit Animal as Sven the Reindeer from the movie, Frozen.

Tongue for Days
Please throw. But do not take.
Happy boy
Puppy Pool Party!
Sunset shiloh
Pumpkin patch
The Frisbee Throw Beg

A Little About Kobuk


DOB: November 6, 2013

Dam: Riverwind's Spooky October (October)

Sire: Victory's Power Forged in Zion (Piston)

Coat: Grey Sable Plush

Height: 30"

Weight: 98lb

PennHip: .26/.28

OFA Elbow: N/A

OFA Heart: N/A

Holter: Clear @ 11 months

DM: Clear (2 copies of the normal allele)

Temperament Test: CGC 2014

Temperament: Happy. Goofy. Outgoing. Sociable. Medium independence.  Tolerant. Does well with lots of commotion and also quiet times. Does well as a solo dog or amid many.  Adapts quickly to new situations and environments.  Kid friendly. Medium pain tolerance. Very forgiving.  Willing to please.  Food driven, toy driven. Happy-go-lucky.  Always ready.  Very tolerant of social situations, but does not always actively desire and seek out everyone’s attention.  Behaves very well in large crowded and noisy situations – car shows, medieval fairs, food truck festivals. Very loving towards his people, seeks their attention. Has “lovins sessions”.  Definite chase and prey drive. Excels at Lure Coursing and Frisbee. Does not realize he has a butt; i.e. is not hind-end aware. 

Structure Merits:

Muzzle – broad

Stop – decent

Skull – good

Neck - good

Ears – triangular

Front assembly – has good layback; not straight shouldered.

Stifle – decent

Tail – nice sabre, well furred, if slightly long.

Proportions: Excellent: 9:10

Ribs – well sprung

Structure Faults:

Ears – slightly large

Topline – high (see medical history; was level as puppy, see puppy LER)

Toes – slightly splayed in front

Jaw – not as strong as desired

Chest – deep, not as wide as sire, more narrow

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