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Super Nova Shilohs
is proud to present:

Nova/Lobo Round 2!



Willow Rock's Windy November

Super Nova Shilohs



Riverwind's North Star of Zion

Riverwind Shilohs

Round 2!

A lot of work goes into planning a breeding. And despite the best laid plans, sometimes what you initially start out to do is not where you end up!  We had been working on a breeding with another male but due to unforeseeable circumstances, we could not complete that breeding. So with Nova in heat and our orginal plans dashed, we turned to Riverwind and Lobo again for a round 2 breeding! We are thrilled to do this breeding again since the first litter turned out so great.


Lobo was the first shiloh we ever met! And boy, did we fall in love! He's a great example of a shiloh and quite the head-turner.  Here also, we see a quiet confidence in Lobo, and in his world the sun rises and sets also on his mama.  Lobo has previously produced a very successful service dog and with Nova there is a chance we see those traits again. We hope to see him lend Nova his size and wonderful proportions, and look forward to seeing a range of sables perhaps a little on the darker brown side.

Born November 30th!


Super Nova's The Great One

At 1:48pm on Friday November 30th, we delivered our Singleton puppy via planned C-section. Since she was the only one and in keeping with our hockey theme, we named her Super Nova's The Great One, aka Gretzky aka Gretz for short. We chose to do a C-section as often times a singleton is not enough to induce any hint of labor.  Since she was full term and there was not sign of distress nor labor, we went in and got her while everyone was safe! She weighed in at 1lb 5.1oz and is a dark sable with little white sugar toes and a little white star on her chest. She is a spunky little girl who sings to us as she nurse. Another good communicator in the making :)


Our Orphaned Foster

Raising a Singleton puppy poses a unique set of challenges.  Ranging from special temperament and socialization considerations to actual health risks for the mom and the solo puppy – it can be very difficult raising just one puppy. Knowing this and knowing how much space, time, supplies and love we have for more than one puppy, we have partnered with The Bella Foundation to raise and foster an orphaned puppy we are calling, “Moo”.  Moo is the only survivor of her litter and when she had come to us at 8 days old and she had been tube fed almost her entire life.  We were able to introduce her to Nova just moments after introducing Gretz as she was waking up from the surgery.  Moo was able to start nursing immediately and Nova has cared for her just as well and closely as she has Gretzky.  We will be raising Moo just as we would any of our Shiloh puppies – she will be going through puppy culture, the same worming, health check, shots, and chiropractor visit, and she will go through the full temperament test during the LER.  If you are interested in adopting Moo, you can apply to be pre-approved through The Bella Foundation in Oklahoma City, OK.  All adoption procedures and policies will be done per their protocols.


Watch us grow!

Please check our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and to watch these little ones grow!

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