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Crotch Watch 2018

Crotch Watch 2018 has been the motto of the month. I've been looking forward to our very first breeding - ever - for a long time now! Luckily, Nova is like clock-work and has consistently cycled every 6 months starting when she was 11 months old. She didn't fail us this time and almost right on time, 6 months and 5 days, started her heat cycle on Jan 31. A week ago Kobuk started to randomly air-hump in circles around her so I knew it was imminent! So now, here we go! Life has been pretty much consumed with reading everything I can about canine reproduction. Lots of milestones: ovulation timing, gestation length, when do puppy skeletons start to calcify? After watching Kobuk lose his mind a little more than I expected him to over the past few days, we went in for our first blood draw for progesterone testing even though it's a little early. The value will indicate when ovulation occurs - and it coincides with a full pheremone drop from the bitch - upon which any studs around promptly quit eating, turn inside-out, and generally start acting like insane banshees. Joy. So when Kobuk was starting to get especially vocal and agitated I got worried and made an appointment. Turns out he's just Enthusiastic For All Things (his life motto)! She's only at .77 today, and she'll need to be up around 8-10 before it starts to get real. Heaven help us with him for the next two weeks. But don't feel too bad for him - I made an appointment for him to get "collected" so I can freeze his little swimmers for use another day. So he'll be fine :)

Nova in her pink panties waiting for her blood draw.
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