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Super Nova Shilohs
is proud to present:

The No-bo's and the Lea-va's!

Dual Sire: Nova x Lobo/Leaguer



Echo's Big League Fire Storm

Echo Shilohs



Riverwind's North Star of Zion

Riverwind Shilohs


We are excited to pursue a dual-sire breeding for our first ever litter.  Why dual sire? We get more health data from having two sires for 1 litter.  This will help our breeding program and the gene pool at large with more insight into the health factors in active bloodlines and that will lend to the best breeding decisions possible!  Health data is invaluable to us and the ISSA.

At two weeks of age, each puppy will be DNA tested to reveal parentage. Guesses for the father of each pup are welcome beforehand ;)


Leaguer is a boy we've been looking at for a long time.  He's got a calm and confident personality that impressed us from day one.  You can tell he is completely devoted to his mama, Bonnie, and the rest of his family too.  Leaguer is politely friendly with the world, but reserves his greatest affection for "his people".  We expect much of the same with these pups: sweet, confident, and family focused. There may be pups with qualities that lend to service and therapy dog prospects. We will see a variety of brown sabling in coat with possible smoothies in addition to plush.


Lobo was the first shiloh we ever met! And boy, did we fall in love! He's a great example of a shiloh and quite the head-turner.  Here also, we see a quiet confidence in Lobo, and in his world the sun rises and sets also on his mama.  Lobo has previously produced a very successful service dog and with Nova there is a chance we see those traits again. We hope to see him lend Nova his size and wonderful proportions, and look forward to seeing a range of sables perhaps a little on the darker brown side.

Puppies Arrived April 17 2018

As can happen with dual-sires, only the Lobo breeding took. There were no puppies out of Leaguer. It is not uncommon to have this happen as it is all a roll of the dice!


Puck (now Proximo)

Puck is our sweet boy. He was our only boy in this litter and he was 100% all boy! He was also the first for everything - the first one born, the first to open his eyes, the first to walk, the first to learn the clicker.  We are so proud of him and are thrilled to see him flourish with his new family in California.


Dangle (now Kayuh)

Sweet sweet Dangle. She is by far the sweetest of the trio.  Always one to cuddle and seek out the presence of people. She loves to give kisses and has a look that will melt your heart and wrap you around her little paw.  She's stolen the hearts of her new family in her new home in Oklahoma.



Zamboni came into the world in a big way.  She was the largest pup and before she was even all the way out of her mother, had broke her sac and latched on to my figure to try to nurse!  Her zest for life has blown us away are we are happy to say that we could not let her go and so she will be staying with us here at Super Nova Shilohs!

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