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Zamboni x Floyd 2022

Super Nova Shilohs is proud to announce the ISSA's first Second Generation (F2) Outcross litter! Floyd is first generation (F1) out of Boeke, the ISSA's first outcross. For more information about Floyd's father, Boeke, please visit his dedicated webpage. If you're trying to do the math - these puppies will be 75% Shiloh Shepherd, 12.5% Wetterhoun, and 12.5% Standard Poodle. We have the potential to see all-black, sable, and black-and-tan colored puppies, in plush(-ish) coats.



Zamboni is our sweetheart girl we produced from Nova's first litter with Lobo out of Riverwind Shilohs. Lobo was the first shiloh we ever met and were starstruck when we met him; we are beyond thrilled to keep a puppy out of this handsome legend. Zam (as we call her) is an active, athletic, hilarious girl who is always down to party. Her favorite thing in the world is to play ball and go on adventures with the family. Zammie is long, lean and leggy and strikes a beautiful pose.



Floyd is laid back, loyal, calm and smart. He enjoys going out with his family and is friendly to new people. He has an athletic build and is lower on the prey drive. Floyd is a love bug and we can't wait to meet his sweet puppies!! Floyd has a nice wide head and will lend more bone to Zam.



The puppies will be whelped and raised in West Fargo, ND. Breeding occurred April 2022, awaiting confirmation May 2022.

Please visit the ISSA's Outcross Project site for more information. These puppies will be invaluable to the future health of the breed so it is imperative that each one goes to a home on board with keeping them intact and available to breed if needed.

Current Waitlist has 0 spots available:

Maria B.

Hailey G.

Linda C.

Anne F.

Lita R.

Following this litter is best done via our @supernovashilohs account! 

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