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Lone Star of Super Nova

Vega is a happy, intelligent, goofy lady woof with high confidence. She is 80 lbs and 27 inches at the withers. She is a study in contrasts: high energy and relaxing calm, head strong and sweet, playful and serious, stunning brilliance and hilarious derp. She is a girl that fills every room she enters with joy and warmth, all while demonstrating what seems to be an endless array of talents and surprises. Vega uses her keen musical ear to squeak several toys before finding the one that sounds just right for her next song. Her household responsibilities include cleaning plates, cuddling her mom to sleep, and shredding cardboard for the recycling bin, all of which she does with great pride. She loves to lean on her human for hugs through-out the day. Vega is possibly the youngest recorded Shiloh-tuck; Striking the pose at 30mins old.

Vega Flowers
Vega Couch
vega sit on leash
vega dog bed
Vega counch pose
vega flowers ears
vega nice profile head
Vega belly tongue
Vega smile
vega sleepy bed
vega blue hankie
Vega sit
Vega pretty
Vega Lips

A Little About Vega

DOB: November 30, 2018

Dam: Willow Rock's Windy November (Nova)

Sire: Riverwind's North Star of Zion (Lobo)

Coat: Brown Sable

Height: 27"

Weight: 79lbs

PennHip: R.22 L.22

OFA Hips: Good

OFA Elbow: OFA Normal

OFA Heart: Pending

Holter: Clear: 6 months

DM: Clear by Parentage

Adult Temperament Test: Passed

LER Temperament: Lower-Medium. Confident and laid-back puppy. A thinker. Likes people but isn't all over them. Assertive but not pushy. Lower energy. Good play and toy drive. Not much movement/chase/prey drive. More submissive. Has an off-switch. Recommendations: Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Obedience.

Structure Merits:

Head - good

Stop – decent

Skull – good

Neck - nice

Withers - well set

Rear stance - straight (no hocks)

Pasterns - firm

Leg - excellent leg

Topline - beautiful

Croup - long and gradually sloping

Thigh - well rounded, muscular

Stifle – good

Ribs – well sprung

Graceful, balanced movement

Structure Faults:

Front assembly - open/straight

Front stance - slight east/west

Ears - larger, taller than wide

Stifle - decent

Tail - long, saber

Bone - needs more

Toes – slightly splayed in front

Jaw – needs improvement

Chest – deep, not as wide as sire, more narrow

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