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Nova x Leaguer : 2019-2020

Leaguer is a boy we've long admired and were thrilled to use for Nova's final litter.  With this breeding we where hoping to produce wicked smart dogs tuned for an active family lifestyle.  Boy did Leaguer deliver in spades!  These puppies have grown in to bright, smart and incredibly empathetic adult dogs - making the Shiloh Breed proud!


Sire: Echo's Big League Firestorm


SNS's Plaid-a-Party


Platty is the spittin image of her Daddy!  The apple did not fall far from the tree with this one.  She is the sweetest little girl, whip-smart, and LOVES to work for her chuck-it ball. Platz can learn anything in a flash and has an amazing work ethic which absolutely wows her trainers.  She was originally destined for France, but the Pandemic of 2020 had other plans for her and Platty has remained with us in our home. 

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